About Richgail

Richgail is a video journalist.

She was born and raised in the Philippines and arrived in the US when she was 15 years old.

After graduating with a degree of Masscommunication, Broadcasting, at Cal-State Hayward (now CSUEB), she worked as a news correspondent for The Filipino Channel, in a half hour newscast called “Balitang America”. In 2007, she moved to Bend, Oregon to be a news producer for the television station, KTVZ Newschannel 21.

Richgail is back in the Bay Area, and works as a video journalist  for Patch.com (Castro Valley Patch.com, and Union City Patch.com), Spot.Us, and BBN3 where she reports, shoots and edits stories concerning the people of the Bay Area.

Richgail has reported on a range of topics including the 2005 hotel workers’ strike in San Francisco, the controversial debate over California’s Proposition 8, and a profile on a Bay Area activist who helped break the siege of the Gaza Strip in 2008. She was a finalist in a national journalism competition called “Project:Report”, by The Pulitzer Center and Youtube.  Her story on the Oakland youth was featured on the homepage of CNN.com.

During her free time, Richgail supports and participates in a theater organization called Bindlestiff Studio, the epicenter of Pilipino Arts in the Bay Area. She also loves to cook and organize potlucks.

If you have any story ideas you would like to share or see in her works, please email her at richgailenriquez@gmail.com

Also see: Richgail’s Resume

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3 Responses

  1. I think you are awesome, talented, multifaceted, intelligent, and inspiring! Keep true to yourself! I can’t wait to experience your creations!

  2. Thanks for your donation to Newswire21.org on Spot.Us. It matters. We’re constantly covering stories that would never be told otherwise, and we’re empowering citizens to report news on their own.

    I like your web site and all that you’ve done. Very ambitious!

    Let me know if you run out of story ideas. Unfortunately, we seem to have a surplus.

    Cheers, Tom

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