Spooky Houses in Union City; Enter if you dare

(original post: Union City Patch.com)

Trick-or-treaters: Be afraid, be very afraid, because you are in for a thrill this year.

Filled with ghoulish decor, tombstones and sound effects, the front yard of the Gonzalez family home along Tulane Street catches the attention of everyone who passes by, especially the young ones.

“The smaller kids get really scared,” says Kristal Gonzalez, homeowner of the spooky house on Tulane Street.

Gonzales’ family also decorates for Christmas, but it’s not as fun as it is during Halloween–they can be more creative with being scary. She says her kids especially love to brainstorm and see their ideas come alive, or undead, so to speak.

Just a couple of blocks away from the Gonzales home, another house aims to give you a chill.

Along Colgate Drive, realistic-looking monsters hang, and crawl, on the Sanchez’s front yard. You’ll find a giant tarantula, an evil-looking clown and a zombie on the grass, among other creepy creatures.

Fernando Sanchez says he is not too fond of the decorations, not because they’re scary, but because he’s in charge of installing them.

“As long as my wife and kids are happy though, I don’t mind,” Sanchez says.

Colgate Drive is a popular area among trick-or-treaters because it’s close to James Logan High School. Most high school kids spread the word once they’ve seen the decorative houses in the neighborhood, Sanchez says.

I dared to check out both the Gonzales and Sanchez’s Halloween homes to give you a video tour. Click on the video above to see the full report.




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