Bay Area Speaks Out on Iran






Co-incidentally, Iran’s presidential election took place on June 12, the same date the Philippines dated its Independence Day. As a Filipina, I found this ironic because it is on this date, most Iranians say, a dictator took power.

Iranian’s supreme leader/adviser declared incumbent Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as President of Iran, winning 63% of the votes. Several Iranian Citizens cried foul.  They claim the election results were rigged and there’s no way the majority voted for Ahmadinejad.

Protesters took it to the streets and became what’s considered the second largest protest in Iran, next to the revolution of 1979. Riots broke out, and bloodshed and beatings turned rampant as police try to contain the crowd. All these chaos were captured on tape and posted on Youtube. The videos, including the tragic death of a young protester, Neda, circulated all over the world.

In the San Francisco Bay Area, Iranian Americans say they’re outraged. They say they’re now mobilizing, protesting, collecting signatures, and urging the US government to help.  They vow to not stop until the Iranian people are free.

INTERESTINGLY, I thought all Iranian Americans in the Bay Area share the same sentiment, until I met one who says, we are misled by the media and Youtube. She said she just got back from Iran and what’s seen on Youtube is only a minor representation of what’s going on in tiny parts of Iran. On top of that, she said the American media is fanning the fire and sensationalizing the news. She said, the government is only doing what is necessary to keep the whole country in peace and tranquility. This coming from an Iranian American who lives in the Bay Area, who also happens to be an active community member in the South Bay. And though she strongly condemns the actions of the protesters both in Iran and the Bay Area , she refused to go on record. She said she fears the issue is too sensitive for her to officially comment on.


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  1. Hi,
    thanks for your post. wanted to comment on the friend who made the comments that what we see in the west is a mis characterization of what actually transpired in iran: she is trippin.

    it may be a convenient, bay area knee jerk viewpoint to say that all media in the west is propaganda, etc etc but i assure you that what we all saw in youtube and twitter was the real deal. the government there is crazy,sick and utterly oppressive and young people were showing genuine opposition.

    i have cousins and family in iran, not to mention close friends, etc. i have been living in the u.s my whole life but stay connected to my peoples back home. i stay in oakland and do what i can to shed light on whats going down.

    your friend is either misled or misleading you. not sure which.

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