Kids shook their booties for mothers

Mother’s day lands on the same sunday as my hometown’s fiesta and every year, my cousins in the Philippines throw a party for mothers. The preparation has always been on the low and kept as a secret, though mothers already knew what’s going on because the yearly celebration has always been a surprise since I could remember.

I recall when I was younger,  my cousins and I would get so shy to be in front of a crowd. I thought my shyness was just a typical Filipino trait- until my nephews and nieces proved me wrong as I amusedly watched them strike a pose and dance to a reggeatton mix.

Click on the image to watch the video montage

Click on this photo to watch the video montage

On top of the talent show, we also organized games for moms, ala “Wowowee”, a famous Filipino gameshow in the Philippines. My sister and I took turns being the host and the popular sexy dancer named Luningning of “Wowowee”, (though we were more goofy than sexy in our parody).  Unfortunately, our camera battery ran low and we didn’t get to film this part of the celebration.


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