Naic! The Simple Life

During my visit to the Philippines, my relatives and I planned to go to a local resort so we headed to Naic, Cavite which is only about half hour away from Maliksi (where my relatives resides).  On our way, I noticed, the different huts, salt farms, banana and palm trees by the side of the road. Every once in a while, I would see someone selling fruits, oysters, and other shellfish at his/her own tiny stand. The site was very tropical and provincial and clearly characterizes simple living.

Naic, The Simple Life

Click on this image to watch the video montage

Upon arriving, we unloaded our belongings from the colorful jeepney-like mini bus we rode. We headed to the beach resort, but much to my and my cousins’ dismay, the water was rather muddy, very different from the clear water and white sand we enjoyed from our trip to Puerto Galera, a town known for its beaches.  Despite Naic’s semi polluted beach, all I saw were happy faces. People were running around, swimming, playing volleyball or bingo.  Later on I learned  the men playing volleyball were tricycle drivers and it was their day out to enjoy the sun, like a company picnic I guess. My aunts and uncles also didn’t mind the muddy water, some of them swam, while others stayed at the hut, eating all sorts of food we brought, gossiping and exchanging funny stories.

My cousins, nephews, nieces, and I headed to an available pool, which seemed to be more comfortable to swim in. And whenever we went hungry, we headed back to the hut where food and refreshments were waiting for us to devour.

All in all, Naic remains a gem. A place that brings out simple joy.


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