Glimpse of the Philippines, The Pilot Episode

Pls. click on this image to watch the video

Pls. click on this image to watch the video

I recently went back to my motherland, The Philippines, and documented some festivals and sceneries.

One of the festivals I’ve witnessed is called “Karakol”, which took place in Maliksi, Bacoor Cavite.

“Karakol” is a yearly Catholic tradition that takes place in some towns of the Philippines. It is a parade of different dances, marching bands, Filipino giant mascots, and a procession of “sagalas” (ladies on colorful gowns) with the “hermana mayor”, the principal sponsor of the festival. The last highlight of the parade is a float with a sculpture of “St. Michael”, the patron saint of the town.

The procession ends at the town’s Catholic church. In other Karakols, people conclude the procession with a playful water fight. Usually the men would fetch pails of water and throw them to women or to each other. Luckily, I did not experience this part because as I heard, the people who would throw water at you, would not care whether or not you want to join, or whether or not you’re wearing a fancy outfit (or a camera for that matter). You would end up wet, in the name of fun, and in the spirit of the event. (This is especially true during the fiesta of St. John, the baptist).

“Karakol in Maliksi, Bacoor Cavite” is the first of the several episodes I’ve compiled from my trip. Please stay tune for the next one.


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