Unsolved, and Unsolvable?

How do you solve the problems of the world such as war, poverty and crime? Are they even solvable?

How do you end wars when the real culprit was lost along millions of human lives, and the motive was redefined to be pride, revenge and supremacy?

My father said the conflict between Palestine and Israel has been going on, even before he was born. Is the war over religion? over land? over human rights? Both sides claim to be “the victim” and the answers depend on who you ask and the person who disseminate the information to this “victim”.  I realize the origins have been blurred as we were left to rely only to what’s reported on the mainstream media. I know this for a fact especially because I had a taste of what it’s like to work in a news organization.

And how do you solve poverty? Or better yet, how do you solve greed? Surely, there’s a correlation between poverty and greed, but which one came first is just as confusing as “the chicken or the egg”. Two of the many consequences of poverty are lack of health care, and education, which dumb people down. The result of ignorance disarms the poor from keeping basic rights and gaining political voice. I wonder if this is a vicious cycle unless you won the lottery, or a game show ala “Slumdog Millionaire”.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m aware of  other factors that cause poverty such as natural tragedies (storm, fire, earthquake), and accidents that lead to a twist of fate, but as long as political leaders, bank owners, and corporate CEOs are blinded by power, greed and corruption, poverty will not go away.

You might conclude I am pessimistic and dismissive. But I believe the contrary is true.  I like to understand why these people resort to hurtful, destructive ways, and I believe it has something to do with how they are conditioned and it’s not something innate. Yes, I believe we are born without bias and free from hatred.  Every person who “lost it” and did some incredible henious crimes are a result of trauma by their family, community, and the world. I am NOT trying to make a case for these perpetrators, I am trying to make a case for solution.


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