Interesting Tidbits from filming “The Back(yard) Deal”


Interesting Tidbits from filming “The Back(yard) Deal”

1. The 85 year old lady I interviewed (the one who donated fruits) said she wanted to see the final cut because she got a lot of inquiries on her facebook account (yes she’s on facebook). She said I can email it to her at “lbabe@…” Grandma knows what’s up! Btw, I’m still waiting to be added as her friend on fb.

2. NBC Channel 3 also covered the story. I was soooo bummed out when I found they’re gonna be there too, coz I thought I was not only scooped, but I might not get the accommodation I was expecting now that a major tv network is going to be there stealing the show.

But it turns out, the photographer/reporter was very nice and humble. In fact, he did something very very unexpected….he asked me if the company I freelance for is hiring! I was like, what the hell is going on here???? He gave me his card and asked how much I’m making. I was flattered and saddened at the same time. Flattered that he recognizes what I’m doing is legit but saddened because there goes the future of journalism…first the chronicle, and now possibly nbc…boo…

3. I got a giant lemon as a souvenir. One of the volunteers (who climbs up on top of trees) doesnt speak English very well so he sort of ignored me the whole time, until we’re about to leave, he handed me a giant lemon without uttering a word. I said “Wow, gigante”. He didn’t react, I probably said it wrong.

4. The lady who founded the program, “Gifts from Our Gardens”, said she was a lifelong republican until Obama came along. She said she was inspired by Obama’s call to volunteerism, and it helped her spark the idea of Gifts from our Gardens.

If you have no idea what the hell I’m talking about, here’s the link of “The Back(yard) Deal”:

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