THE FACEBOOK PHENOMENA: What does it say about our society?

facebook-privacy-1She married him?” That’s what the ad says online, while showing two yearbook pictures, one a handsome jock, and the other, a geeky girl. It was for, a social networking website that started the trend of people going online to network with old friends, new friends, and sometimes total strangers.

With the advent of, follows Friendster, then Myspace, and now Facebook, though it might soon be topped by another site called Twitter.

While the true concept of these websites are harmless, both the creators and users tend to abuse the sites’ purposes. What used to be a good way to kill null time, is now a great way to waste valuable time, and I meant great in size, and not “pleasantly”. Some could attest that the whole social networking revolution has turned us into self-absorbed exhibitionists who don’t have time anymore for solitude and privacy. While others say, it has helped us to promote our events, gigs and talents, or helped us keep in touch with friends out of state-or country since this revolution is now reaching world wide. Either way, the whole facebook phenomena does say something about us, our culture, and our society.

I plan to dissect and analyze what this could mean to us and to the next generation. Pls check out


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