I’m working on a documentary. The topic is about the history and legacy of East Oakland Community High School. I’m doing my research but I still feel overwhelmed maybe because I was not there  when the students, teachers and staff of EOC fought to keep the school alive until the state officially close it down. Still, I look forward to finishing the project.

So far, I have been reading books from the library. Some of the books include “The Life and Death of a Great Experiment in Ghetto Education”, “Stand for the Best” , written by a former CEO of H & R Block who became teacher & founder of an inner city school, “Miracle in East Harlem, Fight for choice in Public Education”. I’ve also checked out a couple of books about the Black Panthers.  I heard that the founders of EOC originally planned to model the school from the effective school system the Black Panthers Movement implemented back in the sixties.  

On top of that, I also got some articles and blogs I found online.

To chronicle some of them, I decided to put them together here in my blog.





eoc march for education

East Oakland Community High School student Devin Wesley chants with 250 others as the march through the streets of Oakland. (Photo by Angelica Flores)




Holding the American flag, school board member Noel Gallo (far right) marches with students from East Oakland Community High School for eight miles on February 28, 2007. (Photo by Angelica Flores)



EOC student march


The mass gathers outside of the Oakland Unified School District building before appearing in front of the school board. Protesters will have to leave their signs outside before cramming into the hallways. (Photo by Angelica Flores)




Article FOR the closing of the school (From SF Chronicle)

Article REBUTTING the SF Chronicle article

Podcast – Personal stories from EOC students

Blog – Street photojournalism from EOC students

Oakland hills residents want high schools gone

Oakland’s perfect storm leads to state takeover

State Administrator Agrees to Close East Oakland High

Oh Dang! urban culture magazine (Dream deferred)





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